Thursday, 3 November 2016

Soho Urban Barista

The best kept secret in Drammen are without a doubt Soho Urban Barista. You have no idea how much I want them to open a cafe in Trondheim. Please do so! If you are in the area do order a double latte and a avocado sandwich that comes with a small fresh fruit bowl.

Back at home.

Oh, hello there. It has been a little over a week since I last dropped by here and left you some words. I won't excuse that, because that vacation with friends and family in the south was both much needed and highly appreciated. How have you been? Still hesitating to leave a comment? Don't be, no one there bites.

After a train journey over the mountains I arrived at Hamar to spend some quality time with BFF P. We amped up the luxury for our 24 hours together and checked in to First Hotel, were we stayed in a lovely hotel room on the top floor. And then the start off a long marathon consisting of cafe and shopping went off. Hamar does not disappoint with great places to enjoy even better coffee, absolutely worth a visit! Some hours, lattes, dinner and wine later I found myself on a train again, this time heading to meet my mother for a late-night shopping spree. The next couple of days was spent with said family in my childhood-home doing as little as humanly possible.

I rounded up this trip with some hours in Oslo with another lovely friend, K. We went for a stroll through Botanical Gardens after a nice lunch in a local bakery, followed by yet another latte at Espresso House. A almost seven hour long train journey took me home to the Mrs., who by the way has installed new floors while I was sipping on wine. How amazing isn't that? She is a keeper.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Suitcase packed and I am currently seated onboard a train towards BFF in the South. Half a week of Prosecco, long hours at our favorite cafes and much needed time with friends and family. Mrs. Silly Pants are staying back home - she'll enjoy the fact that she make as much mess as humanly possible without me have a say.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Required: Makeup edition.

We all have those 'requirements' to make everything from shopping to eating enjoyable. If you ask my better half she will probably give you a extended list over things that I need to make our everyday-life go as smoothly as possible. Let's us just say that we don't see eye-to-eye on this one. I thought that this would become a serie on the blog, highlighting different subjects each time. Let's start with a favorite of mine... makeup!

Talking about extensive lists. I could indeed make a very long blog post about the theme, but for now I'll show the brushes that I just cannot do with out. I almost wrote 'cannot live without' but that would have been a tad dramatic, don't you think? Anywho.

Real Techniques has been on the marked since 2011, and has ever since the launch been incredibly popular amongst bloggers, beauty experts, alot of women in general. I bought my first brush last year, and has never and will never regret that purchase. I have invested in several brushes since than, but the favorites are by far the blush brush and the small setting brush. Having dry and sensitive skin are problematic in it self, sometimes using makeup and makeup tools can irritate the skin even more. I never feel that when using this brand, and it applies makeup flawless.

Saturday, 15 October 2016


Layers on layers, Espresso House Latte and picture perfect autumnal weather.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Laughter and sparkling wine.

It's been three weeks with back-to-back shifts at the hotel, and it's finally time for me to take a well deserved weekend off. Tonight we'll celebrate with laughter and sparkling wine.

Neither the Mrs. nor I are keen on nights out, we have however mastered the act of joyful, bubbly and wine-infused nights in with our closest friends. On the other hand we do seldom decline a few drinks at our local bar. If you ever find yourself in Paris (or New York) we do recommend to enjoy both dinner and drinks at Buvette.

I wish you and your loved ones a happy weekend!  

Thursday, 13 October 2016


As I mentioned the other day autumn, or fall if you will, are probably one of my favorite seasons. To pack up all the warm, cozy knitwear and store away the floaty dresses are just devine. Crisp, cold air that makes your nose pinkish and cheeks equally blushing what I long for during those heatwave summer days. As you might have gathered I am not a huge fan of the summer, even though I do love warm, long summer nights with a glas of sangria on the balcony with friends. 

Light Houses |Kähler Design and Light Box |Kremmerhuset

For some autumn doesn't start until Starbucks has introduced PLS on the menus, and I have to admit that I've tried the drink, but it's hardly a favorite. As the coffee lover that I am it still amuses me that with fall comes a lot of tea drinking. Do not get me wrong, the coffee are never out of the picture, it's just not always chosen. Total madness I know! Another essential during this season are of course candles; to light up all of our Kähler houses in the window post makes our home feel even more inviting and comfy. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


The feeling of cold, crisp and somewhat cleaner air in the early morning hours are addictive. Before you assume that I get early in the morning I have to make one thing clear (I could probably write an extensive blog post about it) that I load getting up early. Yes, anything before 9 am are considered too early in my book. I do not get up in the morning, I'm actually heading home after a night shift at Midtown hotel.

On the day I get off a work week I love to go home, change out of the uniform, wave the Mrs. of to work and take a cup of coffee with me on a walk along the fjords. The scenery here are even more addictive. I thought that I would make a autumn must-have list within a few days, so stay tuned!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Happy place.

I answered that my favorite place would either be relaxing on a sofa, or with Bellini's and friends at LPQ. While that is true, another favorite place are Paris. Preferably in a wedding dress walking the pristine streets with the Mrs. and two of our closest friends (en route to a champagne toast!). At some point I'll give more from that lovely summers day in 2015.

Captured by Mariell Øyre 

One of those things.

When I started this blog I felt like I had all the inspiration in the world. and then what happened? Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened, hence no blog posts. It's weird because I truly want this blog to be a place for thoughts and pictures that inspires me and hopefully others. If I have to 'analyze' the situation it possibly could be that I'm afraid not to meet the expectations, and that I wouldn't be any different then all the other bloggers out there. That is probably true; there are blogs about everything under the sun, but the only difference is that none of them are written by me.

I am not alone in experiencing this. I certainly do feel afraid to not meet others, and my own, expectations on a more or less daily basis. It could be small things such as not preparing the meal that the Mrs. want for dinner, to say incorrect things during a conversations with my employer when we don't agree, or, as in this case, I can be afraid to do something new, something that's 'out of the ordinary'. In the end this sets limits before limits are necessary, and doesn't encourage me to widen the horizons as they say.

A year or so ago I made a conscious decision to stray away from things, situations and even people that I did or had in my life purely because either it or they were safe. I challenged myself to take a leap of faith if you will. This has left me with fewer friends, yet closer relationships, a inspiring career within hospitality and now possibly a blog that will reflect me as a curious, sometimes funny and loving person.

We'll touch on mentioned topics later on, for now I believe that I was able to put down in words those feelings I've been having. And quite possibly managed to put myself at ease - it will get better, but you have to do something to get something.