Friday, 30 September 2016

Happy place.

I answered that my favorite place would either be relaxing on a sofa, or with Bellini's and friends at LPQ. While that is true, another favorite place are Paris. Preferably in a wedding dress walking the pristine streets with the Mrs. and two of our closest friends (en route to a champagne toast!). At some point I'll give more from that lovely summers day in 2015.

Captured by Mariell Øyre 

One of those things.

When I started this blog I felt like I had all the inspiration in the world. and then what happened? Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened, hence no blog posts. It's weird because I truly want this blog to be a place for thoughts and pictures that inspires me and hopefully others. If I have to 'analyze' the situation it possibly could be that I'm afraid not to meet the expectations, and that I wouldn't be any different then all the other bloggers out there. That is probably true; there are blogs about everything under the sun, but the only difference is that none of them are written by me.

I am not alone in experiencing this. I certainly do feel afraid to not meet others, and my own, expectations on a more or less daily basis. It could be small things such as not preparing the meal that the Mrs. want for dinner, to say incorrect things during a conversations with my employer when we don't agree, or, as in this case, I can be afraid to do something new, something that's 'out of the ordinary'. In the end this sets limits before limits are necessary, and doesn't encourage me to widen the horizons as they say.

A year or so ago I made a conscious decision to stray away from things, situations and even people that I did or had in my life purely because either it or they were safe. I challenged myself to take a leap of faith if you will. This has left me with fewer friends, yet closer relationships, a inspiring career within hospitality and now possibly a blog that will reflect me as a curious, sometimes funny and loving person.

We'll touch on mentioned topics later on, for now I believe that I was able to put down in words those feelings I've been having. And quite possibly managed to put myself at ease - it will get better, but you have to do something to get something.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Who am I?

What better way to start a blog then to do a tag...

How old are you in five years?
In five years I'll be 32 years wise.

Who have you spent at least two hours with today?
With my lovely Mrs., S.

How tall are you?
Not tall enough to reach the highest shelf in the kitchen. 

Who did you call last?
The Mrs.

And who called you last?
One of my BFFs, S.V.

What does your last message read?
"Sh*t happens! I'll fix it. Thanks for letting me know" as a answer to a colleague who forgot something during our shift-change. 

Do you prefer to message or call?

What are your favorite place?
Either at home under my duvet on the couch with Frankie & Grace on the TV, or at Le Pain Quotidien in London with friends giving Bellini toasts. 

Which color are your eyes?

When did you wake up today?
At 3.30 pm - slept all day since I work all night. 

What scared you as a child at nighttime?
The monsters under my bed. 

Which YouTube-clip made you laugh?
"August favorites" by Zoë Sugg featuring Mark Ferris. 

What are one of your better traits?
Thoughtfulness for others. 

And what are one of the worst?
Being very curious. 

Do you sleep with or without clothes?
Both? Depends on the seasons. 

How many pillows do you sleep with?
We have six pillows on the bed, but only sleep on one each. 

Do you prefer shoes, socks or barefoot?

What are you listening to right now?
The unusual quietness of a hotel lobby. 

Which ice cream are your favorite?
Salty licorice, polka and mango sorbet.  

And what is your all-time favorite dessert?
Ice cream! Or a apple pie. 

Do you like coffee?
Like? No. Love? Absolutely.

What do you prefer to drink at breakfast?
Guess... Hint: see above.

Can you play poker?
I can play "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga on Spotify, those that count? 

Do you want kids?
Without a doubt - yes, yes, and yes. 

And lastly, do you sleep on a specific side?
I always sleep on the left side of the bed.