Thursday, 3 November 2016

Back at home.

Oh, hello there. It has been a little over a week since I last dropped by here and left you some words. I won't excuse that, because that vacation with friends and family in the south was both much needed and highly appreciated. How have you been? Still hesitating to leave a comment? Don't be, no one there bites.

After a train journey over the mountains I arrived at Hamar to spend some quality time with BFF P. We amped up the luxury for our 24 hours together and checked in to First Hotel, were we stayed in a lovely hotel room on the top floor. And then the start off a long marathon consisting of cafe and shopping went off. Hamar does not disappoint with great places to enjoy even better coffee, absolutely worth a visit! Some hours, lattes, dinner and wine later I found myself on a train again, this time heading to meet my mother for a late-night shopping spree. The next couple of days was spent with said family in my childhood-home doing as little as humanly possible.

I rounded up this trip with some hours in Oslo with another lovely friend, K. We went for a stroll through Botanical Gardens after a nice lunch in a local bakery, followed by yet another latte at Espresso House. A almost seven hour long train journey took me home to the Mrs., who by the way has installed new floors while I was sipping on wine. How amazing isn't that? She is a keeper.

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