Friday, 30 September 2016

One of those things.

When I started this blog I felt like I had all the inspiration in the world. and then what happened? Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened, hence no blog posts. It's weird because I truly want this blog to be a place for thoughts and pictures that inspires me and hopefully others. If I have to 'analyze' the situation it possibly could be that I'm afraid not to meet the expectations, and that I wouldn't be any different then all the other bloggers out there. That is probably true; there are blogs about everything under the sun, but the only difference is that none of them are written by me.

I am not alone in experiencing this. I certainly do feel afraid to not meet others, and my own, expectations on a more or less daily basis. It could be small things such as not preparing the meal that the Mrs. want for dinner, to say incorrect things during a conversations with my employer when we don't agree, or, as in this case, I can be afraid to do something new, something that's 'out of the ordinary'. In the end this sets limits before limits are necessary, and doesn't encourage me to widen the horizons as they say.

A year or so ago I made a conscious decision to stray away from things, situations and even people that I did or had in my life purely because either it or they were safe. I challenged myself to take a leap of faith if you will. This has left me with fewer friends, yet closer relationships, a inspiring career within hospitality and now possibly a blog that will reflect me as a curious, sometimes funny and loving person.

We'll touch on mentioned topics later on, for now I believe that I was able to put down in words those feelings I've been having. And quite possibly managed to put myself at ease - it will get better, but you have to do something to get something.

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